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Bushwick Variety Show

Dec 14, 2018

Nicole Lynne Hooley is the founder of Gowing Heart Reiki School Reiki Master/Teacher, Self Healing Guide, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Eco Feminist, Community Organizer & Philosopher. She is also a friend of...

Dec 10, 2018

Brooklyn Irish Dance Company is a women owned/operated business that started as a way to give Irish Dancers the creative means to perform new and exciting works in NYC and the surrounding areas. Check out their first full length production playing at Theatre 80 on St. Marks in...

Dec 6, 2018

Jay Winston Gill is an Actor, Writer, and Director, among other things. He hosted two different podcasts, Jay's Fairy Tales and The Bible Abridged

Dec 3, 2018

Alex Handler also known under the moniker Sushi Jones is a music producer and singer/songwriter/musician.