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Bushwick Variety Show

Apr 14, 2020

Thirdwing was featured in the NY Times today featuring several guests who have appeared on the podcast episodes 77 & 89. From The NY Times 4/14/2020: "Thirdwing, a digital theater company specifically designed to develop plays for streaming and the live stage, was introduced just days before most everything shut down. This meant that Thirdwing’s first live stage offering, Rachel Carey’s “The Female Genius” — an episodically written show intended to run from April 14 through April 18 at The Wild Project in New York — was canceled. Now, Thirdwing is partnering with The Wild Project to digitally release one episode each night of its scheduled run. The play — “a darkly comic look at the struggle of having great talent in a misogynistic world,” according to Thirdwing — was filmed in different styles reminiscent of the teleplays of the 1950s and ’60s."  Enter the code WILD for a discount, and to support the Wild Project. Also, here is my short which I made to commemorate a major transformational decision this weekend. Morphosis:  And please check out and support The Rack Shack: