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Bushwick Variety Show

Sep 20, 2019

Brian ‘Dyalekt’ Kushner  moved from St. Croix to New York to study acting and law. He also liked to rap. After witnessing civil rights injustices at the law firm he worked for, he dropped both the job and the law classes, pursuing the arts instead. Performances at the Nuyorican led him to Hip Hop Theater, writing plays that have been performed on stages across the world. He didn’t sleep on the rapping either, releasing music and touring internationally. His first album/one man play Square Peg Syndrome helped him get named to the Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group. He has been a mainstay in NYC’s theater and Hip Hop scenes, rocking everywhere from the Bowery Ballroom to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. His latest project is: THE MUSEUM OF DEAD WORDS WITH YOUR TOUR GUIDE, DYALEKT DIRECTED BY ANDREW J SCOVILLE | CURATED BY KRISTEN CROUCH If you've ever found yourself in an unexpectedly heated argument on the internet and don't know how you ended up in a dithering pile of semantics over days of your life you'll never get back, you are not alone. MC/Playwright/Educator Dyalekt has spent a year researching internet comments to find out what words turned conversations into fights and ultimately died on the internet. He has turned this research into a one man show/museum tour/art installation/rap album (happening all at once!) that explores how communication through the typed word is changing language rapidly, how words can lose their meaning and become weaponized, and how to find empathy and true connection with each other. Check it out at Art Apple NYC September 21-27. And you can download the album at multiple platforms.