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Bushwick Variety Show

Mar 23, 2021

With the shootings that happened last week against several members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and the epidemic of gun violence and Racism in America, we could think of no better time to share this 20 minute radio play excerpt of "Six Shooter" host Alec The Third collaborated on as an actor.  Six Shooter explores gun violence in America through the trope of The Western.

This episode also features a conversation fellow cast-mate actor & director Sagan Chen who is the producer and star of 

The full cast and crew of  Six Shooter include:

Conrad Kluck (@konradcluck)- Writer, Deviser

Emily White (@ewhitelights)- Co-Director and Devisor

Miller Pyke (@millerpyke)- Narration

Paris Adorno (@Parisadorno)- Actor/Hattie

Anya Kopischke (@uncle_anya)- Co-Writer

Sagan (Diane) Chen (@dianechen51)- Actor

Ben Moniz (@bmoniez)- Director/Music

Stephanie Eiss (@otternonsense6816)- Deviser/Performer

Miller Pyke (@millerpyke)- Narration

Evan Spigelman (@evspig)- Performer

Alexandra Matsu (@matsurella_schtick)-Actor/Wyatt

Kedian Keohan (@justkedian)-Actor

Alec The Third (Alec Stephens III) (@alecstephensiii)- Clyde Elliot

Scott Martineck (@lasersharkbear)- Sam the Snake

Brian Bonner (@brian.bonner.5)- Director

Courtney McClellan (@cmarie352)- Actor/Sadie Cobb

Johnathan Olson (@jsoartworks)- Lawrence Minnie the Cow

It was edited and recorded by Anya Kopischke and Ben Moniz, and was first presented by Artists We Fux With podcast from The Baumann NYC